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Per diem

Quickly book highly qualified nursing professionals when you are short staffed. Choose from RNs, LVNs, and CNAs.

Save money

On-demand nurses can cost 40%-60% less than traditional staffing solutions.

Flexible booking

Easily book and schedule nursing professionals for shifts that you need to fill.

nurse credential checks

One-step verification for nurse licenses and certifications.

How it works

NurseLab saves healthcare facilities time and money by providing an optimal inventory of registered nurses to support a facility as dynamic as patient census or acuity.

1. Post a job

Simple, quick, get quick responses from nurses.

2. Review and Select

Get matching nurses. See credentials and other relevant information before you engage. Select your desired nurse for the shift.

3. Get Nurse

Check in the clinician before shift begins and check out at end of shift.

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Frequently asked questions

It’s free to sign-up and takes less than 45 seconds to get started. Sign-up today.

No minimum required. Flexibly bring on-demand nurses when you need them.

Yes, all of our nurses have been pre-screened and passed all necessary certifications and licenses. Documentation is easily available with one click on our platform.

As soon as your next shift. With our large pool of local talent we match you with nurses on-demand. You can also schedule nurses in advance.

NurseLab is a on-demand nurse staffing platform. If you have any questions. Contact Us

Our clients say

"Been saving so many hours using NurseLab to find and fulfill all of our facility's nurse staffing needs."
Hilary Leigh
Dir. of Nursing
"We've been using them for months. They're very price competitive because they don't have the overhead of a traditional agency
Hall Read
Director of Nursing
"Takes so much stress out of my day. No need to call multiple agencies anymore to find a last minute nurse."
Quintin Angus
Staff Developer
"I'm all about saving time because I'm always doing ten things at once. This is a huge time and cost saver for my nursing facility."
Jillie Chan
Nurse staffer

get nurses now

It has never been easier to find nurses when you need them.

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